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About Us

Our School


Located in Kerrisdale, Stepping Stone Preschool is an award-winning, Reggio Emilia based preschool that offers an enriching program to children aged 2 ½ - 5 years.

Since 1975, we have been proud to offer a play-based program that balances fun and learning to prepare you and your child for the coming years in both education and socialization.
Through play, children are given the opportunity to explore, discover, classify and organize the world around them. It's not just a place to play, it's a place to learn, develop and thrive.
Our Classroom
Our large, bright play space offers room for many discovery centers and our private outdoor playground provides a climber, playhouses, sandbox, garden and more.
Sensory PlaySense stimulating materials including a sand table, water table, play-dough, flubber, cornstarch etc.
Writing Center/Creation Station: A wide variety of open ended art materials for children to draw, construct and create freely.
Dramatic Play Corner: An area designed to inspire children's imaginations by using different props and real life materials.
Quiet Corner: A cozy calm place for children to curl up, relax and read.
Light Table: A unique tool for children to discover the properties of light and see things in a different way.
Baking and Science: Children work together in groups taking turns pouring and measuring, mixing, stirring, and experimenting with food and natural materials.
Flower Arranging: Children learn to cut, water and arrange flowers into vases and proudly display them around the classroom.
Puzzle Table: A place to enjoy a variety of games and puzzles incorporating math, science and life skills.
Me Museum: Children share pictures, drawings and meaningful items with peers, which are then proudly displayed in the classroom for further viewing pleasure.


Interested in our School?  Come join us at our Open House on Feb 3rd: 10am-noon.

Come visit us with your child to explore our space, meet our teachers and learn more about Stepping Stone Preschool.

Looking for More Information About us?  We have a comprehensive Handbook with our school policies and programs.

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