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Stepping Stone Preschool Society is 100% operated by a Parent Volunteer Board.  As a member of the Board it is great way to be involved in your child's experience at the Preschool.  There are many volunteer opportunities available.  Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering!

Co-Chair Admin


Oversees general operations and communications, facilitates monthly board meetings. Acts as the liaison between the teachers and the church. Resolves any issues with children and their families by consulting the Family Handbook and the board. Creates new policies if necessary. Communicates and writes letters/emails to families over important issues if necessary.


Co-Chair HR

Communicates directly with teachers regarding day-to-day issues, board decisions or information. Relays teacher concerns or updates back to the board. Responsible for leading the staffing/hiring committee and evaluating teachers. Attends teacher staff meetings or family meetings upon request.




Manages all finances (such as tuition and payroll) and coordinates with our financial institution. Makes payments of rent, telephone and insurance bills. Communicates the financial reports and budgets at the monthly board meetings. Creates budget forecast for AGM and for programming decisions.


Register/Enrollment Officer

Registers all students and ensures all student information remains accurate. Liaise with the teachers and facilitate times for inquiring families to come observe the classroom environment and meet the teachers. 




 Coordinates the prizes for the winter raffle and ensures licensing is in order. Oversees and delegates any other fundraising efforts.


Advertising Officer

Promotes Stepping Stone through a variety of marketing channels, which increases the enrollment and overall awareness. Monitors and updates various online channels such as the Stepping Stone website and Facebook page. Oversees the creation of flyers, banners and other print media.


The secretary maintains all Stepping Stone Preschool records and assists with organization and scheduling. Also responsible for keeping track of minutes at our monthly board meeting.


Please contact us to find out what board positions are currently vacant. The preschool relies on the parents to make it a fantastic school for all!

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