2 Day Class

$230 / month

Monday & Tuesday



This class is a great way to introduce children to the preschool environment and would be perfect for those who have never been in a daycare or preschool setting before. Circle time, student interaction, creative play, science projects and baking are all included in this class!




Students as young as 2 1/2 and up to age 5 may register in this class.

3 Day Class

$335 / month


Wednesday, Thursday & Friday



Allow your child to thrive in the preschool environment in our 3 day class. This class will include many art, science and baking projects.  Students will develop social classroom skills and learn how to become involved in their community. Students will also begin learning new skills and concepts in preparation for Kindergarten!


Students 2 1/2 and up to age 5 may register in this class

5 Day Class

$495 / month


Monday - Friday



Our 5 day class is a much more immersive preschool experience. This class will help your child prepare for full day Kindergarten by introducing them to a daily school routine. Students will enjoy a wide variety of activities and will benefit from being present for certain activities that span the course of the entire week.

Students 2 1/2 and up to age 5 may register in this class.

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